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Calisthenics Intermediate Program

(12 customer reviews)

 39,99  19,95

Calisthenics Training Program (Intermediate) to stay fit and to improve the overall resistance of the body.

4 differents workout days per 4 weeks of training with increasing difficulty.


10-15 Pull/Chin ups; 30 Push ups; 20 Dips.

Equipment Needed:

Jumping rope; 2 steps; Adjustable Pull-up Bar and Parallel Bars for Dips.

The training program includes photos to understand the execution of the exercises.

Languages: English and Italian.

Non-Refundable Product.



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12 reviews for Calisthenics Intermediate Program

  1. Edu Aldrete (verified owner)

    The mos complete calisthenics program so far, it is totally
    worth it

  2. Joffrey Thoinet (verified owner)

    best € 39,99. Its so good. one of the best you got as i brought almost all of them

  3. Luso (verified owner)

    Difficulty between week 3 and week 4 is not 1 week progress possible

    • Andrea Larosa

      Hi, you can repeat the 3rd week until you will be able to handle the 4th week of training.
      Patience is the key.

  4. Alex Gracie

    Havent bought the program yet, but am thinking about it, just have a few questions:
    1. What are the (2 steps) listed in the equipment needed?
    2. I only just meet the requirements, so is it possible that I can repeat the weeks until I am strong enough to move on?
    3. Is there skill training included in the program, as I want to learn skills like Handstand, L sit and Muscle up?

  5. Majid

    Is there skill training included in the program, as I want to learn skills like Handstand and Muscle up?

  6. Fakhreddine Ajami (verified owner)

    I purchased the program a month ago. My last workout day was yesterday.
    I really have big respect to this dude. The program is well explained, and considering that I’ve got some good basic strength in calisthenics, I really found this program to be exactly tailored to my current level at the time.
    I succeeded to perform all exercises and got to learn two new (Ice cream maker and dips ice cream maker).

    Last day (push and pull day) of fourth week is a killer! Only missed half of the last set.. I love it.

    Look guys, when you feel really sore although you’ve been in the game for relatively a decent time, you really know you’re gaining biiig time.

    Larosa, cheers bro

    I’m now purchasing the advanced program.. looking forward to it

    I’ll also send before and after pictures when I’m done.

  7. panda

    it‘s cool. When I first saw the routine,I thought it was easy, really for intermediate? After I tried the routine, it is not easy at all. The coach really knows the ability of intermediate people. thumb-up

  8. Jorge de Felipe Moreira

    Will you learn any skills?
    What split?
    How much time aprox

    • Andrea Larosa

      The programs includes only the best basic calisthenics exercises.

      These programs will help you to increase overall basic bodyweight strength and to conditioning your body for the most advanced exercises (like front lever and similar).

      However there are not specific exercises to learn such elements.


  9. Jorge de Felipe Moreira

    Thanks so much for your help.

  10. JoeM

    É stato un programma davvero divertente ed è spiegato molto bene. Ho imparato a riscaldarmi in modo corretto e ho aumentato i miei massimali in esercizi come trazioni e dips. Consiglio a tutti di provarlo.

  11. Teodor Toma (verified owner)

    One of the most complete calisthenics programs so far.
    Even if you have a decent base in this sport, every workout is challenging, fact that gives you a strong fundation in calisthenics. It’s totally worth it.

  12. sahildip singh (verified owner)

    Looks like a great program i’m going to start tommorow but i had a question, how much rest time can you have in between different exercises, is it the same like the rest time in between sets?

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