Calisthenics Advanced Program

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Calisthenics Advanced Program to stay fit and to improve the overall resistance of the body.

4 differents workout days per 4 weeks of training with increasing difficulty.


1-5 Muscle ups; 15+ Pull/Chin ups; 40+ Push ups; 30+ Dips.

Equipment Needed:

Jumping rope; 2 steps; Elastic Band for assistance; Adjustable Pull-up Bar and Parallel Bars for Dips.

The training program includes photos to understand the execution of the exercises.

Languages: English and Italian.

Non-Refundable Product.


13 reviews for Calisthenics Advanced Program

  1. Niopa guio

    Fantastico programma! Molto preciso e ben definito

  2. Sasha Sferra

    Vorrei allenarmi per aumentare forza mettere massa e migliorare le skill

  3. Itay

    I have not yet bought the program but wanted to ask if there is any training on Skills

  4. Nikolay


    Before taking the program, I’d like to ask if workouts split to upper body -> lower body -> upper body -> lower body or in another way?


  5. Diego Riaño


    1-5 Muscle ups; 15+ Pull/Chin ups; 40+ Push ups; 30+ Dips.

    No entiendo, esto es lo que debo poder hacer para tomar el curso?

    O lo que voy a aprender?

  6. Jim

    Best workout routine i ve ever seen! Very well structured and explained! But i have a question : i should rest one day after each workout day or should i make one after other and take 3 days rest before week 2? The program doesn’t mention anything about it.????

    • Andrea Larosa

      Hi, it all depends by your daily schedule.
      It would be better to do 1 workout day and 1 day of rest if you have the possibility.

  7. Jim

    Tnx for the response, one last question, is it necessary to take one day rest after each sessions? ; because i enjoy training everyday and i have all the time. What should i do in rest days? U give me too much motivation! ✌️????

    • Andrea Larosa

      It would be better to take one day of rest after 1 or 2 workout sessions, but this is up to you! If you feel good you can do some extra workouts.

  8. Jim

    Best program i ve ever seen! Just a quick question : is it necessary to do streching immediately after the workout or i can also make it later on?

    • Andrea Larosa

      If you have the opportunity to do the “stretching exercises” in a separate session would be better!
      Just don’t stretch with cold muscles, be sure to do a quick warm up first.

  9. calibilly1980 (verified owner)

    Love these workouts.
    Just 1 question best way to combine advance workout with planche program?

    • Andrea Larosa

      You can do the planche sessions before the “Push” session of the advanced program and also before the “Push+Pull” session one.
      The 3rd planche workout depends by your schedule, if you have a free day, then do it! Otherwise just rest and recover.


  10. Thibaud Liger (verified owner)

    Hi Andrea ! Is it recommanded (or even possible) to implement 1 upper session of musculation and 1 lower session aside of your program during the week (and have a rest day per week) if i consider i have an advanced level ?

    • Andrea Larosa

      sure! If you feel like you can increase the workout sessions, just be sure to rest and recover enough.

  11. 洁 御手洗 (verified owner)

    Hi, can this plan be used for a long time?

  12. jaime joel lazaro zugarazo (verified owner)

    Very good programs, I am noticing the progress, will another program be released or do you make custom pdfs?

  13. PratibhSinha

    Hi Sir! Everything works fine, especially the pull workout, I am not that much of an experienced guy but I don’t feel like I’m getting much work on my shoulders, what should I do?

    • Andrea Larosa

      Hi, you can add 3-4 sets of pike push ups during your push day.

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