8 Weeks Legs Program

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Calisthenics Training Program to stay fit and to improve the overall resistance and explosiveness of the legs.

8 weeks of training with increasing difficulty.

The training program includes photos to understand the execution of the exercises.

Languages: English and Italian.

Non-Refundable Product.

4 reviews for 8 Weeks Legs Program

  1. Michael Marsh (verified owner)

    I am new to calisthenics, and this workout gives me insight into how hard it really is. I’ve done weights for 10 years, and this gives me a burn I’ve never felt before. Excited to see progress in my leg development, strength, and endurance. Thank you Andrea!

  2. Ignacio Bustamante

    Hi Andrea,
    Do you need any equipment for this programm?

  3. Jax

    how do i combine the leg training with your beginner workout

  4. Jatin


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