Best Exercises for Planche

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22 minutes video with planche exercises + 3 Planche Workout Sample to apply the exercises showed in the video.

For beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes.

Video Language: Italian + English Subtitles.

File Languages: English, Italian.

Non-Refundable Product.

20 reviews for Best Exercises for Planche

  1. Ahmad saad

    Thank you larosa your the best

  2. Ahmad Sameer

    ???? Your the best

  3. Mick Hartland (verified owner)

    So good Thanks. Some exercises i never saw before.

  4. Akmal

    Thats good routine ! ????

  5. calibilly1980 (verified owner)

    very nice routine and well explaned. @andrea how do i combine the 3 days planche workout with the 4 days advanced program??

    • Andrea Larosa

      Hi, if you have enough time and energy, you can start with warm up exercises, then planche exercises and then the exercises from the advanced program! If not, you can alternate 1 week of planche workouts, 1 week of advanced program etc etc.

  6. calibilly1980 (verified owner)

    thnx for the response.
    i got the time thats no problem i did week one of the program and i love it.
    just 1 last question u train everyday and rotate the 4 days or you take rest days in between?

  7. Miguel

    @andrea how do i combine the core program and 3 days planche workout with the 4 days advanced program??

    • Andrea Larosa

      You can do the core exercises at the beginning of your planche workout session (Or even before the advanced program).

  8. Duane calabria

    This is awesome

  9. Kass Calistenia


  10. Amir

    Hi @andrea how can i combine f lever & planch & advanced program in 4 day ? In a week

  11. Duane

    Your my inspiration

  12. Ignacio Bustamante

    Hi Andrea, do you need any euipment for this programm?

    I have high parallel (1 meter aprox)

  13. Danilo

    hello, do I need some equipment to do the training ?

  14. Jim

    Hi Andrea, so excited for the program, it also motivates me a lot! I have a question: 1) do u recommend to combine the planche program with intermediate program or should i finish the basics program first+advanced one and then i should start planche routine?
    2)if i combine the basics program and planche one how should i rest? For ex. I should make pushing day after pulling day ( because i use different muscle groups) ? Tnx for reading this, and wish you all the best!

    • Andrea Larosa

      If you want to combine the strengthening program with the planche program, you can do it when you start the “Advanced Program”.
      You can do the planche sessions before the “Push” session of the advanced program and also before the “Push+Pull” session one.

  15. Federico Coletta

    Ciao Andrea, ho una domanda.
    Posso combinare gli esercizi per la planche con l’allenamento avanzato in questo modo?
    Lunedì: pulling
    Martedì: planche
    Mercoledì: pushing
    Giovedì: planche
    Venerdì: pushing+pulling
    Sabato: planche

    • Andrea Larosa

      puoi alternare le sessioni come ti trovi meglio.
      Io di solito consiglio di abbinare gli esercizi della planche alle sessioni di “spinta” e di “spinta+tirata”.
      Scrivi ad info@andrealarosa.fit per maggiori info.

  16. Jim

    Hi Andrea, love your programs, they are very good! But i have a question, u said that i should train planche before “push ” session and also before “push+pull” one; but in the planche sample it says 3 days of planche workout (A, B, C day) I didn’t understand… Hope you can make me understand with these small details, but important i think… You are my motivation ????

    • Andrea Larosa

      the 3rd planche workout depends by your schedule.
      If you have a free day, then do it! Otherwise just rest and recover.
      The planche workout has been built to be followed 3 days a week IF you don’t do any other type of PUSH exercises during the week.

  17. Bruno Jurado (verified owner)

    Hey @Andrea I have a question about the program:
    You say: “” Recommended Sets = 4 of each exercise. “”
    Then: “” Example: 8-6” Tuck Planche. “”
    My question:
    How long should we rest between the 8-6″ rep? Not at all? So I should go up in position for 8 seconds, then go down, then go up immediately again for 8 seconds, and that 4 times?
    Seems hard but doable, I just wanted to make sure.
    Thanks for the help ????

    • Andrea Larosa

      after the 8 seconds hold you can rest 1.30′ – 2 minutes and then proceed to the next set.

  18. Vincenzo Venezia (verified owner)

    Ciao Andrea, ma come faccio a partire già con la tuck planche se sono un principiante?

    • Andrea Larosa

      Ciao Vincenzo,
      se la tuck planche ti rimane troppo difficile, puoi sostituirla con un esercizio simile, la “frogstand”.
      (Ti permetterà di poggiare le gambe sui gomiti per scaricare un pochino del peso e prendere confidenza con la posizione)

      Ricordati di abbinarci sempre gli esercizi tecnici e i complementari come indicato nella scheda.

  19. jaime joel lazaro zugarazo (verified owner)

    hello I bought the program a month ago I feel happy since it is effective I have a doubt my straddle planche is carp do I return a progression or is it normal?

  20. jaime joel lazaro zugarazo (verified owner)

    updated, it was corrected just by continuing to practice

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