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Best Exercises for Planche

(13 customer reviews)

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22 minutes video with planche exercises + 3 Planche Workout Sample to apply the exercises showed in the video.

For beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes.

Video Language: Italian + English Subtitles.

File Languages: English, Italian.

Non-Refundable Product.

13 reviews for Best Exercises for Planche

  1. Ahmad saad

    Thank you larosa your the best

  2. Ahmad Sameer

    🔥 Your the best

  3. Mick Hartland (verified owner)

    So good Thanks. Some exercises i never saw before.

  4. Akmal

    Thats good routine ! 😉

  5. calibilly1980 (verified owner)

    very nice routine and well explaned. @andrea how do i combine the 3 days planche workout with the 4 days advanced program??

    • Andrea Larosa

      Hi, if you have enough time and energy, you can start with warm up exercises, then planche exercises and then the exercises from the advanced program! If not, you can alternate 1 week of planche workouts, 1 week of advanced program etc etc.

  6. calibilly1980 (verified owner)

    thnx for the response.
    i got the time thats no problem i did week one of the program and i love it.
    just 1 last question u train everyday and rotate the 4 days or you take rest days in between?

  7. Miguel

    @andrea how do i combine the core program and 3 days planche workout with the 4 days advanced program??

    • Andrea Larosa

      You can do the core exercises at the beginning of your planche workout session (Or even before the advanced program).

  8. Duane calabria

    This is awesome

  9. Kass Calistenia


  10. Amir

    Hi @andrea how can i combine f lever & planch & advanced program in 4 day ? In a week

  11. Duane

    Your my inspiration

  12. Ignacio Bustamante

    Hi Andrea, do you need any euipment for this programm?

    I have high parallel (1 meter aprox)

  13. Danilo

    hello, do I need some equipment to do the training ?

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